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Dungeon and Souls

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Dungeon and Souls

ZX Spectrum 48K/128K Fantasy Role Playing Game

(c) 2022 HSE


Dungeon and Souls (DNS) is a rogue-like, soul-like, dungeon crawling role playing game.

The player explores procedurally generated 5 level dungeons slaying monsters, rooting chests, interacting with (well) NPCs. 


Support Speccy 48K/128K, Sinclair Joystick


Play on your borwser (Powered by jsspeccy3)



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Download TAP file


 How to Play


Navigating dungeon

Joystick UP/keyboard I : Move forward

Joystick LEFT/keyboard J : Turn left

Joystick RIGHT/keyboard L : Turn right

Joystick DOWN/keyboard K : Interact (open chest, rest at campfire, talk to NPC, etc.)

Joystick FIRE/keyboard SPACE : call main menu


Navigating menus/items

Joystick UP/keyboard I : Move cursor up

Joystick DOWN/keyboard K : Move cursor down

Joystick FIRE/keyboard SPACE : Select item

Joystick LEFT/keyboard J : Cancel/previous page



 Joystick UP/keyboard I : Move up

Joystick LEFT/keyboard J : Move left

Joystick RIGHT/keyboard L : Move right

Joystick DOWN/keyboard K : Move down

 Joystick FIRE/keyboard SPACE : Use magic


Explore the dungeon. The mini map (auto map) of the dungeon is shown above the compass. The area marked in red indicates where your are. You can drop a stone to mark your way. But remember stones can also be used in other places. If you find a chest, open it by press K or joystic down. Beware a mimic though.


Combat starts automatically if you encounter a monster. Note that there is no random encounter. To attack a monster, move toward the monster. Watch your stamina. Amount of stamina required to attack depends on your equipped weapon. Press FIRE or SPACE key to use a magic. Magic can only be used during the combat. Potion will be used automatically when your HP reaches 0. If there is no more potion to drink, you will die. You can run away from the battle by moving outside of the combat area. You will find stronger monsters as you go down deeper levels. If you die, you drop all your Souls and start over at the campfire. You can recover the dropped Souls by revisting where you died.


Once you collected enough Souls, rest at the campfire to level up. You can raise your attribute. VIT and EDR increase HP and Stamina, respectively.


When you meet NPCs, interact with them by pressing K or joystic down. You can purchase/sell an item, upgrade weapone and armor, and try your luck as well.


If you find a ladder, press K or joystick down to descend for the next level. Sometimes, you have to defeat a fearsome monster to proceed.


Good luck!









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